((Man, I wish all of my posts were this easy to draw!))

This Week’s Post Will Be a Bit Late!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, as well as the fact that I’m just not moving very fast today, this week’s post will be a day late. Sorry, folks!

CS: “Whaddaya mean that’s not what she meant?”

inb4 lettuce is literally just a silhouette with eyes

(( Wow, that’s a good deal of followers! That’s almost two thirds of a thousand! If I could somehow get two thirds of a follower more, it would be exact! Say, follower #667, would you speak with Mister Sandwich for a moment? He and his chainsaw would like a word with you… ))

CS: “Still, stray tools like this mean we’re getting close to the hardware store…”


TL: “Trixie is finding Cheese’s excitement somewhat worrying…”

(( Thanks to everyone for helping me get here! Honestly it’s growing so fast that by the time I finished this post, I was up to 562 followers!

Anyways, here's where you can commission stuff, or you can just follow the link over on the side of the blog.

Here’s to the next 500! ))